a blog about change

here we are in this time of global transition, spiraling towards the eye before we change spiraling direction.  i can’t speculate on what will happen; whether the earth will wobble, a comet will hit, earthquakes will open gargantuan gashes, floods will displace, tornadoes will flatten, fires will rage, volcanoes will erupt.  maybe all of it will?

i’m excited about change that’s happening now.

we’ve been in new york for a couple of weeks now.  the apartment is almost settled.  we have art to hang and some bits that still need a place.  we’ll probably need some more shelves, but we’re getting closer.

the transition from dallas to new york has been mostly seemless.  simon had a major meltdown in arkansas that i wish had been recorded; but, other than that the 3-day road trip with our two cats and a friend’s kitten was smooth.  moving from the sublet to the hotel to the apartment over a 5-day period after we arrived was a little stressful, but not too bad.

i feel like i did when i was living in valladolid, happy and free.  lots of walking and people, discovering new spots.  people aren’t so uptight here.   it’s nice, there’s a pulse.  our street is quiet mostly.  not as quiet as our street in dallas, but quiet comparatively.  there are several train stops nearby.  restaurants, a bakery, bars, shops, parks, everything.  our super is a little hostile, but perhaps he’ll come around by the time we’re ready to sign a new lease?

our new dwelling spot.

our new dwelling spot.

now i just need to find some work.  wish me luck.  😉


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