it’s not the worst bathroom in the world.

we couldn’t let the scanty bathroom ruin our new york experience.


it does have some features.  the tall, narrow half-frosted operable window is one.  there is hardly anything worse than a windowless bathroom. for the last four years i had windowless bathrooms.  depressing spaces, they remind me of my high school classrooms.

bath time is monumentally better with natural light.

the medicine cabinet is a huge plus.  character + storage = winner.

that’s all the excitement i have for our bathroom.  the tile is hideous.  the particleboard cabinet is disintegrating, and the metal pipe is corroding.  the floor tile is cracked.  a terrible shelf system is mounted to the wall.

we don’t own the place though, so here we are.

the hardware is the first thing we changed.  instant gratification.  and so easy.

it seriously changes this space from being sort of disgusting to being kind of romantic.  amazing.  plants and flowers help too.  they save the day.


i’m not sure where these knobs originated, but we had them in a jar for at least 3 years.  there was no place for them in the old space, but i love them.  a thousand times better than the rounded ceramic blue knobs partially painted white from a sloppy paint job.


you can see above the disintegrating particleboard.  so it’s not the best bathroom around.  no ball and claw foot bath tub nor a pedestal sink nor a door to a terrace with a garden and outdoor shower, but it’s functional with moderate charm.


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