the apartment

we have downsized from just more than 1000 sq.ft to about 600.  i thought i could never share such a small space with another human (plus two cats).  it’s not so bad.  we’re still purging some things.  even our refrigerator and oven are smaller–two of my baking sheets will not fit inside.  fortunately, the ceilings are high.  9 1/2 feet!  

looking out from the kitchen

since we are subletting, nobody came in and painted, nor did they clean.  it wasn’t like coming into a brand new space.  luckily the paint store is just around the corner and two of the walls were already painted greens that we both like.    the tenant previously painted the door frames green, but did it with a brush and only one coat.  streaks, blech.  we painted over them brown.   the brown door frame going into the bathroom from the kitchen didn’t fit quite right, so we painted it white.  

the bedroom was already yellow, but sort of on the verge of being neon.  it reminded me of mountain dew and urine.  we got a yellow that is more like dijon mustard.  it’s called luminaire.  it took almost the whole gallon to paint 2 coats.  the bedroom windows face west.  the color is calming all day, and in the afternoon it glows.  peaceful and warm.









bedroom after painting









the biggest section of wall space in the apartment was sort of a creamy white with a hint of yellow.  it was so subtle you almost couldn’t tell it was painted.  we painted it blue, i think it’s called heather meadow or something.  we left the circuit breaker the previous color.  it is the wall where most of our metal sits.  the desk, the gurney, the shelving, printer, lamp…

living space








blue wall








since the painting project began, all of our stuff arrived.  we still have to paint a coat on each of the green walls.  it is coming together though.  we’ve installed shelving.  yesterday i hung artwork. today i’ll be hanging some hooks and the last of the artwork.  


the litter box still needs to be addressed.  we left ours at a gas station in knoxville accidentally.  we’ve been using a large plastic storage tub.  it has served its purpose, but now it is time to move on.  a perfect spot in the bathroom below the window between the sink and toilet awaits.  

we want to put some sort of bistro table next to the window in the kitchen area.  it will be an eating/conference area for someone to sit and view the computer as well.  in that window we plan to hang a tapestry on the same type of hardware we used for the pot rack at the old place.  that area is the first thing a person sees when she walks in, it needs to be softened up a bit.


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