we’re almost there.

it helps if when attempting to clean a mirror, one checks the label of the can.  that way, one doesn’t spray a chrome finish on the mirror like i just did.  it is a tedious process to remove.  i’m not sure if goo gone would help, i can’t find it anyway.  the putty knife will work.

things are otherwise coming along.  originally i thought the space was 500-600 sq.ft.  i was a bit off the mark.  i think it’s more like 400.

we have a huge heap of rubbish to remove tonight.  thank goodness it is finally making its way to the curb, a bothersome pile it is.


what’s next?  window coverings.  i want to put white sheers up on the two bedroom windows.  then we just need the hardware to hang an old tapestry over the window that greets you when you walk in the door.  of course, this winter we may have to consider a heavier fabric.  the windows are double paned, but i have a feeling it’s going to be cold.


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