apple pickin’

we went apple picking yesterday, my first time.  andrea and josh met us in south norwalk.  we had brunch at chocopologie.

i can’t believe they don’t have a website, but here’s a blurb about them:

this is the quiche that rich ate:


the day was perfect and quintessentially autumn:  blue sky, wispy clouds, glowing leaves on the ground and in the trees.   it was just a 40-minute drive through winding hills to get to the orchard.  gorgeous.  stone walls and farmhouses, old stone churches, new england.

it was my first visit to an orchard i think.  rows and rows of trees with clusters of different varieties of apples.


it is the end of the apple picking season, but we still had plenty of apples to choose.

picking them is loads of fun, and sometimes a challenge.  josh had a far reach for a couple of them.  he even jumped for a couple.  i did too.


the fragrant scent from the stem after they pop off the tree makes smiles.  and then of course eating one right after picking is the best way to eat an apple.


crunchy, juicy, sweet, yum.

i discovered new varieties of apples, like the gold blush apples.  i didn’t taste one though.  i didn’t want the sandpapery skin in my mouth.

gold blush

after our bags were full, we went into the store to get some extra goodies.  we got some honey, black cherry fruit spread, and some gourds.  i can’t wait to go again next year.

but first, i need to make some applesauce with our booty from yesterday.


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