applesauce is incredibly easy to make, i can’t believe this was my first time.  i started with picking apples from an orchard.  that’s the best way to do it, but when there’s no orchard, just find some organic apples.


all the recipes i looked at called for four granny smith.  (except the one that called for 3 lbs., but i don’t have a scale, and it also called for microwaving the apples…not good to radiate your fruit.)  for this experiment i used 3 granny smith, a mutsu, and a gold blush.  one of the granny smith was tiny, and the mutsu was ginormous.  in my head i was balancing the flavors.  besides, i like to sample while i work, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra.

after i peeled them, i sliced around the core and then cut them into bite-sized chunks.


i used raw sugar, because that’s how i roll.  and ground cinnamon.  (my next attempt will include cinnamon sticks, but ground cinnamon is what i have now.  on two separate occasions, i’ve made a special trip to two different shops to buy tea and spices,  and twice they’ve been closed.) then just 3/4 cup water.




then i just added it all into the sauce pan.  really, it’s a wok.  it’s the largest cooking apparatus we have since we moved.  the directions called to cover it, but i didn’t.  it was also supposed to cook for 20 minutes over medium heat.  i didn’t time it, but i think it was much quicker than that.  we have a gas stove.  everything cooks quicker and better.


oh, and i added raisins.  the apples started mushing up a bit on their own, then i stirred them a bit.   when it got super mushy, i turned off the heat and let them cool.  i stirred them a bit more and transferred them to a bowl and added another splash of cinnamon.


clearly i am neither a food stylist, nor am i methodical with my food preparations.  my apartment smells of cinnamon and apples though, and the applesauce tastes fabulous.


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