empty vessels make the most noise

i got a call from chicago a month ago.  someone at sultan’s market, a cafe we visited when we were there, called to tell me they had my friend jim’s wallet.  a bunch of my business cards were inside.  i didn’t know he had lost it two months prior, but i called him to let him know he could pick it up there.

it was sort of grey, threatening to rain, but really it seemed like it could go either way.  i went underground at spring and lafeyette.  when i came back up at 77th and lexington:  total downpour.  i took shelter with others without umbrellas under the awning at a bank on the corner.  men were selling umbrellas for $5.  i had only 3.  i decided to wait, maybe the rain would slow? it didn’t.

“do you have any 3-dollar umbrellas?” i asked sheepishly and hopeful.

“no, sorry, we’re selling these for someone else.”

i gave a look of disappointment thinking of how soaked i would be by the time i arrived at the MET.  as i walked away, he called me back.

“shh, don’t tell anyone.”

he pulled out an umbrella covertly, i gave him 3 bucks.  magic.

while i waited inside with thousands of others for my friend, all i could think was how nice it would be to visit a totally empty museum.

last monday i was granted my wish.  my cousin by marriage works for the museum, and invited me to be his guest.

fabulous day.  ancient chinese art, japanese mandalas, the contemporary galleries, art deco, modern design, assyrian, oceania, and the sculpture on the roof with a view of fall color in central park mixed with good conversation with my cousin i’m just getting to know.

if it were not monday, people would be everywhere in this space.

and this space.

and this one too.

a lovely day it was.


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