my friend is temporarily staying in an incredible space in midtown.  when i visited the first time, it was the largest space i’d been inside since moving to new york a couple of months ago.  i grew up in texas, i’m accustomed to big open spaces inside and out.

i hadn’t realized i’d been without them, but upon entering the apartment i realized that i had taken wide open spaces for granted.  it made me want to stretch out my arms.  my whole body really.  stretch.  take in the space.  the beautiful space which encompasses the entire 7th floor of a narrow building.  i guess it’s 1600 sq.ft with loads of windows and a huge bathroom.  the layout is perfect.

and the view.  the glorious view.


the vertical sequence of photos along the sides of the center window show a more magnificent view of an era past.  but it is still quite nice.



i have acclimated to the tight spaces…squeezing between people and extraordinarily narrow aisles, cramming into subway cars.  it’s like living in a bee hive.  strangely, i like it.  our 450sq.ft apartment feels totally normal, i never would have thought it possible.   i will need at some point to have the “i need some space…it’s not you, it’s me” talk with this city, but for now i am not leaving the island except to go to brooklyn.



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