responsible business

i stumbled upon this place looking for an eco-friendly screen printer.  turns out they are right down the road from my alma matter doing all kinds of practices that are environmentally responsible.

i love that they have compost and a walking trail and an edible garden for employees…solar panels, a wind turbine, bio diesel fueling station….it goes on and on.  they even have a beehive for pollination and  a source for sweeteners.

i think of office space, which was partially filmed in my hometown.  i think of all those acres taken to build massive work complexes in the 90s…i see boring pseudo architecture with uninteresting limited landscaping and massive parking lots.  it reminds me of my high school campus.  cold and sterile, lacking character.  cheap. wasteland.

if only in the 90s more businesses had thought about their bottom line in a different way. instead it is clear they were thinking about cheap and speedy construction…..who knows what will happen those buildings. maybe they’ll retrofit sustainable components like green rooftops, though it will probably be more cost effective to demolish and start over.  or maybe since some of them have such large campuses, they can improve their greenspaces by adding gardens, walking trails, compost, etc…



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