metro green

i want to read this book. i totally agree that in new york we individually consume less oil.

though, i think for me to consider new york to be “the greenest community”, all the cabs and buses would have be solar powered or electric or some other sort of alternative to dirty smelly fuel.   all dry cleaners and laundromats would be using non-toxic methods and products.  all restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes would recycle.  all residential spaces would have community compost…

just because we live in a congested beehive, doesn’t make this city green.    it is a unique situation; but, when i think of a green community, i think of cleanliness and purity.

sure, i may use less electricity because one lamp lights the entire room.  that’s really all there is to this 400 sq.ft apartment.  the notion we consume less electricity as a city is a farce.  all those commercial spaces are burning electricity all night long, and there are tons of them.    it’s the city that never sleeps. there is no darkness.  we may be discarding less trash at our apartment, but this is a coffee shop, cafe, and restaurant culture. in fact, it seems all people do here is consume.  someone else discarding your waste is still waste.

i do agree many of us live lighter, but we also spend less time in our living spaces.    and we do walk instead of drive…miles per day.  but the air isn’t clean and neither is the water.  perhaps nothing can be done about the water, but the air could be cleaned up easily.

i hope to find green metropolis in my stocking this year, i think it will be a good read.  perhaps it will change my perspective.


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