unexpected delightfulness

yesterday i saw steve buscemi.  he came in to the cafe where i started working this week. when i got home a couple of hours later, i googled him to see if he lives in the neighborhood or if he is shooting nearby.  i didn’t find out any of that info, but i did find out that he worked as a firefighter at this fire co. in the 80s.  i didn’t know when i snapped this photo.

he also volunteered with them september 12, 2001 digging through rubble at ground zero in 12 hour shifts for a week.  despite his portrayal as neurotic and creepy characters, he’s a pretty stand up guy.

even though i didn’t speak to him, it reminded me of one of the highlights for me last year when i met elizabeth mitchell.  she plays juliet on the tv show LOST.  it is one of the only shows i watch.

i was working a gala at the arts magnet school where elizabeth mitchell, erykah badu, edie brickell, and norah jones graduated.  my job that afternoon was to keep an eye on the green rooms and get the famous alumni water and snacks if they wanted it.  while i was somewhat excited about the idea of meeting erykah badu and edie brickell, i didn’t find out until after i arrived that elizabeth mitchell would be there.

suddenly i was overcome with nervousness.  what if she is a total bitch, it would ruin LOST for me!

thank goodness she  was absolutely delightful, warm, and kind.

cheers to pleasant unexpected encounters that brighten the day.


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