just walk outside for a cab.

it’s been awhile since i laughed so hard i cried.

a friend of ours was visiting on business, we had drinks at oro. it’s my favorite spot for coffee and wine.

lodestar was ready to get back to his hotel to catch some sleep before his early flight.

“where do i go to catch a cab?”  he asked.  (in dallas you have to call the cab company to have one come pick you up.)

the boys were giving him walking instructions back to his hotel.  i guess they misunderstood what he asked.

as i was telling him to just walk outside, a cab drove by.  he turned to look, three more passed in a row.

he pushed the door with no luck.  comical.  that’s the tricky thing about these old spaces.  i guess they’ve been grandfathered.  most commercial spaces have doors opening out from inside so people don’t get trampled in case of fire.  he figured it out and went on his way.  hope he comes back soon.  it’s always so fun hanging out with him.


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