little bits

yesterday i had a feng shui consultation with william.

i’m excited about some of the changes.  overall we need more plants!  i talked to danielle, the florist downstairs, she said she’d have some plants for me friday. succulents for the kitchen, bedroom, and living areas and an ivy for the bathroom.

some things aren’t an instant fix.  we have a rusty heating pipe with paint peeling off of it in the bathroom.  it’s the relationship sector.  we won’t be able to paint it until the heat stops coming on in the spring.  hopefully by april.  we’ll paint it silver.

i ordered the hemp to finish making the scratching post for the cats.  we should paint this pipe too.  i want to get some short round tables for this area for a place to eat, set a glass, read, lounge.  we’ll need some sort of soft seating.   not sure yet about the lounge seating.  rich wants something with a back and arms.  everything i’ve found so far wouldn’t fit in the space.  i’d prefer a chaise.  actually i want a tufted chocolaty leather bench with some pillows.    but maybe in the meantime new floor cushions and a new apple box?  the thing i like about the apple boxes is the ability to change the space with little effort.

william recommended we put a silver ball, like a christmas ornament, in the window to block trump soho in the bedroom.  who wants that nonsense blaring in any time of day?

he also recommended putting crystals in these two windows to make up for the missing space.  it’s not actually “missing” because the split occurs in the middle of the apartment.  this edge on the wall creates more of a problem.  he recommended we put a silver ribbon on the egde, spiraling down from the ceiling to the baseboard.

we have to get the wires pulled together and out of view.  it was one of the first things i wanted to change when we  moved in.  not sure why we haven’t done it yet.  it will be done by the end of the weekend.  i want a plant on this window sill too.  oh and i have to get rid of the green.  william recommended a canteloupe or yellow. something mellow.   i can’t really stomach canteloupe, the color, on the wall.  i’d thought about an orange hue before, but orange is tricky.  i’d prefer a yellow. something subdued and mustardy like the bedroom.

so other than a little paint, a couple crystals, a silver  ball, paint, and gathering of some wires, we’re in good shape.  i’m ordering a new duvet cover.  clay colored. shams and sheets too of course.  i can’t wait.  i’m so over the tan corduroy i’ve had forever. and it just gets washed out in the yellow.  soon we’ll be off the air mattress and on to a real bed.  can’t wait for that either.


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