i did get the painting done yesterday, but no pics yet.  the light green wall changed to white, totally opens up the space.  it feels clean and wintery.  i feel like we gained an extra foot.  william had recommended a canteloupe orange or a yellow. something mild.  neither of thought orange would work for us, and we already have yellow in the bedroom.   we decided we didn’t need color in this space, and that painting it white would be more unifying and less distracting.  now instead of feeling like its own space dividing three small spaces in a tiny apartment, it becomes a part of all of them, making the three small spaces more spacious.

we kept the dark green wall the same, but it needed an extra coat.  we still have to touch up one corner.   we used an eggshell finish.  i think it was matte before and dull.  now it feels warm and cozy.

i got the sisal wrapped around the heating pipe too. The cats haven’t used it yet, but it looks good.

we have to wait to paint the other heating pipes.  hopefully the heat will stop coming on by april, but it could be more like may.  but we did get the wires pulled together against the building so they don’t obstruct the view out the window.

saturday the search for crystals will commence.  i’m going to try chinatown first.  i saw some shops a few blocks from here that may carry them.  the woman at the antique shop recommended a place that doesn’t exist on a google search.

the dress shop downstairs has 2 silver balls in the window.  i just need one exactly like it.  it looks beaded.  i have to find out where they got it or negotiate one of them after the holidays are over.

we have friends in town.  much awaited excitement to be had.  for sure i will be out taking pictures in the next couple of weeks.

new york has been lovely.


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