west memphis 3

it always seems so bizarre when i hear someone is being released from prison after serving 20+ years for a crime he didn’t commit.  how does it take 20 years to figure it out?!  how could their lawyers fail to put reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury?

it is dumbfounding the West Memphis 3 have not been released from prison yet, and that they never tried whomever really brutally murdered three young boys…like the stepfather of one of the boys.  they’ve been in prison for 15 years more or less.  i can’t even imagine the evidence could convince anyone beyond a reasonable doubt that they were guilty.

here’s an article about it if you’re unfamiliar with the case.  there’s always wikipedia too.   and google.

and the first documentary, paradise lost.

i’ve driven through west memphis a number of times between dallas and north carolina.  i think of this case every time.  it’s a creepy place…


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