disturbing flicks

still without my camera for a couple of days…will have lots of catching up to do.  unfortunately, events from the past week and a half cannot be reconstructed.  i guess some of them can.  there were a couple of moments from new year’s eve that would be fun to stage.

watched this film tonight.   disturbing, but beautifully done.  tears.  i won’t spoil it.  i do find it devastating, i suppose most people do.  i can’t believe it is such a huge industry.   how could there be so many pedophiles to sustain the industry?  i guess i’m naive, but seriously.  nearly 900 children have been rescued as of october of last year.  there must be thousands out there being hurt and exploited.  runaways, dumped, sold, abducted?  it’s a dark scary world out there.

reminds me of how i want to see this one.  i think i already posted something about it.  here’s another good link.


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