here’s the first wall we painted after the consultation with william.

the color remained the same, but it needed a second coat.  it feels so much better with a fresh coat.

there’s not much we can do about the wires running along the baseboard.  they will be hidden once we have the tufted leather bench for lounging, and we’ll have a cozy loungespot with a nice view.

the other important change needed was to remove the scraggly nest of wires away from the window.

we also decided the light green wall needed to be painted white to open up the space.

open up the space it did!  and with the wires neatly bunched together away from the window, we have a nice view.

what’s left for this area inside our small space?  we need a silver ribbon to hang vertically (to cut off the edge) where the white wall meets what used to be the pea soup colored wall. it spiral down from where the ceiling meets the wall to the baseboard.

we also need some round baskets to contain the cat food and other items being stored underneath the bench.


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