time change

a blog about change can’t ignore the recent and upcoming changes happening on the planet and in the cosmos.

this is an interpretation of atmospheric time according to 9-star ki:

interesting are the planes it creates.

it starts from this grid:

5 is centered.  if you want to geek out on the numbers, the sum of each row, diagonal, and column is 15.

there are endless ways to define the squares.  for example by seasons:  9-summer, 2-late summer, 7-autumn, 6-late autumn, 1-winter, 8-late winter, 3-spring, 4-late spring.  defined by energy:  9-fire, 2-soil, 7-metal, 6-metal, 1-water, 8-soil, 3-tree, 4-tree, 5-soil.  you could also define them by food, body organs, chakras, furniture, buildings, colors, shapes, trigrams, numbers, symbols, images…

the numbers move in consecutive order.  each number brings its energy to a new spot which creates change.  everyone and everything has a number.  it’s like a code.  the year starts february 4.  (those born february 3, 2010 are 9-fire; those born on or after february 4 are 8-soil.)

right now year looks like this:

as everything else, it’s complicated.  there are other influences.   so, what does all this mean?  everything and nothing.  it just is.  it happens whether you pay attention to it or not.


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