moving around again

so i’ve been looking at this time space movement and it’s pretty fascinating.

turns out that year when i moved west in college, the worst year of my life to date, i moved in the wrong direction.  in fact, it was the wrong direction for anyone moving that year.  i can’t remember the exact day i moved, but i have a feeling it was the wrong one.  it was a really bad year.  and when i graduated college, moving north to maryland was not a good idea.  it didn’t turn out well.  i should have moved west or northwest, not north.  a year later, moving west was was still good, and it was the beginning of me getting my life back on track.

more than once since moving to new york, i’ve thought, “why didn’t i just move here after school?”  but it actually would have been worse because i would have gone further north from where i did actually move (in the wrong direction), that would have made the negative impact stronger.  of course things always work themselves out  one way or another, but why not move in the right direction?

i’m about to move either west or northwest.  not an ideal time to move, but necessary.  i’ve made worse moves in the past.  i think i can conquer this one.  i just have to pick the best day to do it in the best month.  or the point of time with the least consequences.  it all depends on how you look at it i suppose.

i can pinpoint time that either i moved or my family moved and the impact it had on us.  i can look at things that are happening now and see how things may have gotten off track either for me or someone else.  it’s amazing.

on the other hand, i can look at moves i made that were good and see that i made moves in the right direction at the right time.

what it comes down to is being in tune with yourself.  a bad move, one where you turn your back to yourself or worse, can be really disorienting and have long lasting effects.

a year ago i went to a workshop in seattle taught by william spear.  i had never heard of him.  he was my friend’s teacher’s teacher.  at the workshop near the end discussing the 9 star ki, he said it would be a tough year for obama if he were elected.  anyone with a brain knew it would be a tough year for him.  look at the mess he would inherit!  but that’s not all!

when you incorporate the 9 star ki into the equation you see that barack got hit with the double whammy!  he moved against his number (3) at a time when his number was 180 degrees from home.  not good.   michelle (1) was in the center, a position where no movement should be made.  and they both moved east!  a direction NOBODY should have moved in 2008.  i feel sad they had to deal with that challenge.  it’s sacrificial.

clearly, i am of the opinion that moving around is serious business.


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