old habits die hard

at the old space in dallas, my cat oliver, who could be described as precocious, used to waltz into neighbors’ open warehouse windows from the roof.  sometimes he met the neighbors before i did.  one neighbor i knew, but didn’t know he knew oliver, told me how sometimes he’d leave the loft with an open window.  upon return:  black footprints all over his counter.  other times oliver just hung out with him.

at first the news was a little disturbing.  my cat had a secret life!  he had friends and relationships, and i knew nothing about it!  he loved to go down to the loft at the other end of the hall.  (i found out from a “cat found” poster in the building after he’d been missing all afternoon)  they had two female cats.  he courted one, and made the other jealous.  he had a whole life i knew nothing about.  then my next-door neighbor’s cats, belle and sebastian…he fancied belle, and it made sebastian jealous. oliver made himself at home using their litterbox, and he made no apologies.   i think he was making his presence know to sebastian.  it was super embarrassing.  i think it was simon who stole one of their toys, but all the same.  where are their manners?!

now we’re in new york, and there’s no roof.  just a fire escape that i don’t want him to explore…we’re 40 ft. off the ground.  it would be great if he landed on his feet with no injuries, but i don’t want him to test it.  he’s all about it.  apparently spent 45 minutes at the neighbor’s the other night.  fortunately, it wasn’t a big problem. he’s a charmer i guess.  he charms me for sure.


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