I attended a class taught by my mentor William a few weekends ago in Connecticut.  He’s a man of many hats as he says, one of those hats is an end of life consultant.  My book collection is growing like a weed from studying with this remarkable man.  Now at the top of the new books list:  On Death and Dying.  and  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.  Both books are written by his teachers. As you can imagine, I feel very fortunate and grateful for this mentorship with him.

Glancing at my notes from the class I noticed–

5. LISTEN.  Don’t talk.

4. Engage in conversation.

talk about something meaningful.

This is from a list of things to do when you are in a room with someone who is in the active part of dying, but really these three things are good for living–in the present.

I like to think we have a spiraling cord from the heavens that descends to our crown chakra.  (and likewise a spiraling cord planted in the earth connected to the base chakra grounding us to earth.)  We are just a bunch of spirals.  (DNA, the fallopian tubes, skin, sperm…everything is a spiral and spiraling.  Our planet is spiraling counterclockwise through space and time is spiraling too.  It’s amazing really, the spirals.

So, when we die, we inhale our last breath.  We disconnect from the earth cord (no longer grounded or of the earth) and off we go spiraling out of our body through the crown chakra with the cord planted in the heavens.  Death is inherently beautiful, the beginning of a new transition.  It certainly isn’t the end for an individual.

The process of dying is literally the complete opposite of birth.  When we are born, our spiraled umbilical cord detaches from the womb where we’ve formed in a spiral.  We spiral out down through the base chakra and take our first breath–out, before we inhale to fill our lungs with oxygen.

I can’t wait to learn more about all of this, it is fascinating!


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