i caught this article this afternoon.  if there’s one thing i learned in my study of feng shui, it is to let go. pushing things on people does not work.  i’ve tried it many times and never had positive results.  it makes sense, what works for me may not work for you.  a person has to want to change, and the only lasting change comes from within.

with the issue of nutrition i think it is important for people to stop eating fake food.  (that’s putting it nicely.)  people coming together and sharing good meals is part of the human experience.  chewing and savoring every bit is how it is supposed to be done.  forget about the disease and nastiness that has been caused from people eating poorly and eating too much of it, then being inactive on top of it. food gives us energy.  it’s such a basic concept.  to think you can eat fast food all the time and be okay is crazy talk.  of course it’s not just fast food.  food at the grocery store is full of food with pesticides, hormones, processed and depleted of all important nutrients, meat that comes from tortured animals…it’s disgusting.  really.

for any kind of powerful change you need education and empowerment.  it will take years, possibly decades to bring us back to a point where being healthy is subconscious.  it may never happen for some, but it’s okay if they are the minority.  all people of all races and classes deserve to have good food.

last year i volunteered at a food pantry in my neighborhood.  i was so appalled by the food we were giving these people who clearly needed nutritious food.    basically the food donated was the shit the big corporations had left over.   i mean, why donate vanilla icing?  maybe they got a tax deduction by donating, i don’t know.  clearly no thought was put into their act of goodwill.  what i do know is that fruit roll ups and vanilla icing are not helping people.  sure, there was rice and canned goods, who knows the quality, either way there was certainly more junk food than substantial food.

what i couldn’t understand is why nobody had started a community garden there.  it’s something i would have proposed had i been staying longer or had some influence.  but why?  why would a church not think to have a garden to feed people in need?  forget about the corporate donation of vanilla icing.  give the people good food and something to do.  it makes the whole community better on multiple levels.  before you know it people are planting their own gardens and sharing their harvests. they come together.  people are healthier, more productive, crime goes down…it’s a good thing.

all you have to do is google community garden, maybe even with your city, and you’ll see how successful they are.  i’ve seen it first hand.


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