it’s been an eventful week for news coming out of dallas.  first erykah badu and her nakedness without a permit.  then the unstable guy who blew up his house and part of his neighbor’s house.  then this guy who clearly is in need of psychological help.

i don’t mind what erykah badu did, whether it was just part of a big publicity stunt or not.  i support the arts.  dallas needed that.  the song and the video are solid.

tab brewer, the guy who blew up his house, had shown signs of instability for weeks through his facebook status updates.  his wife filed for divorce, he was hoping she’d reconsider.  apparently, she didn’t and he’d planned to kill her, their 5 children, and himself.  fortunately for his family, he was only successful in killing himself.  his wall is no longer public (probably in a google cache somewhere), but i have to think of the 352 friends he had, there were some who were paying attention to his status updates.  why didn’t anybody do anything?  what could have been done?

joey lo, the anti-abortion nutbag was angry because the people at the clinic wouldn’t tell him if his wife had an abortion there.  hello, HIPAA laws, why would he think they’d give him any information?

what i can’t figure out is, has our society gotten more crazy, or are we just more aware of it because of modern technology?

maybe part of it is that it’s an 8 year.  a time of revolution and change, and a tiger year no less.  we’re in a 3 nine-year cycle…thunder.  and a 9 81-year cycle…fire.  these kinds of things should be expected. volcanic eruptions and earthquakes…sometimes it seems as if everything is unraveling.  which i guess is a good thing if you’re a survivor i suppose.


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