hasta luego detective goren

a couple of evenings ago, i met my boyfriend in tribeca.  he had picked up his new eye goggles.  i ran into him at the corner of west broadway and white.  we walked up white, past the soho photo gallery all the way to broadway before he mentioned he had seen “that guy from law and order”.  (at first he thought he may have been from SVU; but, when he said “the scruffy one”, i knew exactly who he was talking about.)  i slugged him gently and affectionately in the gut.


we continued our walk, turning south on broadway on our way back to the general vicinity where he had spotted vincent d’onofrio.  maybe we walked west on franklin, i’m not really sure.  we passed up a furniture shop and an upholstery shop i would have otherwise wanted to visit had we not been on a mission.  maybe we got back to west broadway, no sighting.  decided to go back east on duane (i only know this because i am consulting a map of manhattan).   when we approached church street, there he was on the corner talking to someone!

“oh!  there he is!”  i said to my boyfriend trying to contain my excitement and not geek out.

just as we got close to the corner he hailed a cab and popped inside.

totally the highlight of my day.  my boyfriend received rock star status for his find and joining me on the adventure to re-encounter one of my favorite actors.

he is no longer on law and order:  criminal intent.  (which is why this little story is relevant to the blog.)

i don’t call myself a fan of anything, except on facebook, because i’m not fanatical.  but i did find this video of d’onofrio which made me appreciate his acting even more.


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