okay LOSTies.

maybe i have too much time on my hands.  i think it comes more from my interest in 9-star ki.  i looked at the signs of the actors from LOST, and found it interesting how balanced the cast was.  and how some shared signs, some shared birth dates.

here they are:

matthew fox:  7-3-9

john terry:  6-3-8

terry o’quinn:  3-9-8

elizabeth mitchell:  3-4-4

evangeline lily:  3-9-8

jorge garcia:  9-3-2

dominic monaghan:  6-4-7

emilie de ravin:  1-7-8

josh holloway:  4-3-6

naveen andrews:  5-9-1

maggie grace:  8-4-9

ian somerhalder:  4-7-2

harold perrineau:  1-3-3

malcolm david kelly:  8-9-4

yunjin kim:  9-6-8

daniel dae kim:  5-6-4

michael emerson:  1-2-4

fionnula flanagan:  5-1-9

henry ian cusick:  6-3-8

sonia walger:  8-7-6

alan dale:  8-8-5

mira furlan:  9-8-6

tania raymonde:  3-4-4

adewale akinnuoye-agbaje:  6-8-3

michelle rodriguez:  4-3-6

cynthia watros:  5-5-5

nestor carbonell:  6-5-6

william mapother:  8-9-4

laverne scott caldwell:  5-9-1

sam anderson:  1-5-1

jeff fahey:  3-5-3

ken leung:  4-6-3

francois chau:  5-3-7

rebecca mader:  5-9-1

marsha thomason:  7-6-6

jeremy davies:  4-1-8

rodrigo santoro:  7-2-1

kiele sanchez:  5-3-7

zuleikha robinson:  5-7-3

9-fire:  3

8-earth:  5

7-metal:  3

6-metal:  5

5-earth:  9

4-tree:  5

3-tree:  5

2-earth:  0

1-water:  4

fire:  3

earth:  14

metal:  8

water:  4

tree:  10

I did have the pleasure of meeting elizabeth mitchell at a gala for the opening of the new booker t. washington magnet school in dallas a couple of years ago.  she was so lovely.  i was so nervous that i would meet her, she would be a total bitch, and it would ruin the show for me.  it turned out to be quite the opposite.  she was absolutely friendly, sincere, delightful, and warm.  and!  it turns out we share the same 9-star ki sign.  awesome.


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