random acts

i remember riding in the car at night with a college friend in his south jersey town a week after september 11, 2001.  we passed a strip mall where an ambulance parked with its lights flashing.  he told me a middle eastern family owned a restaurant there.  it was chilling to think that people were violently attacking innocent people out of revenge for something they had nothing to do with, and that is what was happening all over the country.  certainly killing or harming others is not the response to other killings or violence.  the only result is more pain and suffering.

after michael enright stabbed ahmed sharif, the cab driver in new york city, CNN posted a news article.  the title mentions that enright was accused of the stabbing and followed it with the good work he’d done.  the way i interpreted it was that we should for some reason feel empathetic towards him because he’d done good work in the past.  it reminded me of the trial of joe cates, the youth director, pillar of the community, one time teacher of the year who was rightfully convicted of molesting young boys.  i sat through the trial and have no doubt he is guilty.  he had in fact done many good things in the past; but, he had also done major damage to several lives, all of which were already damaged.

maybe i misinterpreted the title of the article about enright.  maybe the point being made was to illustrate the shock his friends and family were experiencing.  how could someone who’d done good things in the past commit such a heinous crime?

here is a link worth reading, posted by my teacher and friend william spear on the huff post.


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