i love the way gregg braden explains things.  in this video he talks about 3 different experiments conducted to study the way our DNA communicates with the world around us.  fascinating.  really.  when we feel anger or hate or other negative emotions our DNA contracts, but when we feel happiness or love our DNA is free and expansive.  totally makes sense.  on a more obvious visible level, when a person is angry they are outwardly constricted.  faces scrunch up…tension.  but experiencing love and happiness, or laughter…outwardly opens us up.  we should all laugh as much as possible, it keeps us healthy for sure.  what’s totally amazing is that while our emotions affect our DNA, if our DNA is separated from us and 500 miles away, it still is affected by our emotions.

another story he tells that i love is about his experience in the northern arizona desert.  i first read it in the book be the change.  a friend invites him to come along to pray for rain during a long drought.  it’s a wonderful story he shares.  in the video he explains the 5 modes of prayer…the praying for rain experience was the 5th mode, the feeling based prayer.  no words are used.  after honoring his ancestors, the man feels the rain falling on his face.  he feels his feet in the mud after a heavy rain.  he smells it.  he basically experiences the rain in his mind.  i love it.

there’s something to be said for manifestation.  before i moved into my current apartment, i started to think about what i wanted my room to be like.  i drew a floor plan and dreamed about what it would be like to wake up in my room.  how it felt.  no joke, my room is exactly what i drew in the floor plan, except the closet is huge. everything i have fits inside.  the room is bigger too.  but the huge closet and cubby above the closet was a bonus surprise.  it’s a peaceful room.  you can feel the change walking into it.


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