hoy es el dìa màs felìz

for many years i’ve searched and searched for my friend in spain.  i spent a semester in valladolid my senior year of college.  she was my madre.  i lived with her (and sometimes her boyfriend), her sister (and sometimes her fiancee), their friend, and another student who was from kyoto.   occasionally my friend’s mother too would stay in our 4 bedroom apartment.  it was one of the best times of my life.

we kept in touch through mail for a while after i returned to the US, but then we lost touch.  i always wanted to go back there.  i’ve searched and searched for her, never with any luck.  i even became FB friends with someone with the same name, only to realize it wasn’t her.

this morning i received a friend request from her, so today is one of the happiest days.


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