it’s exciting to see the rangers as contenders for the world series.  for as long as i can remember they flake out in august.  of course i haven’t followed them at all since the late 90s, and i am totally unfamiliar with the players.  in fact, i know more names of yankees than i do rangers.  but whatevs.  it’s exciting and has been really good baseball watching this week.

the first game i ever attended was in 1984.  we had just moved to texas.  i remember stepping out of the car and being awestruck by the sight of the stadium.  probably one of the least attractive stadiums of all time, but it was the first i’d seen.  it was magnificent.  i stood there and stared while i waited for my brother and my dad.

after the game, my dad couldn’t remember where he’d parked the car.   my brother couldn’t remember either.  they thought it had been stolen.

“i know where it is,”  i assured them.

my 13-year old brother complained the whole time.  “i can’t believe we’re following a 5-year old around the parking lot to find the car….we’re never going to find it….we should call security…”

and there it was, right where we’d left it.

my dad loves telling that story.  he thinks i have a good memory, which i do.  i suppose it was a photographic memory moment.  i had taken a snapshot of the stadium from where i was standing next to the car.   it wasn’t so much that i had remembered the lot number or the row or the parking space number, i used the stadium as a guide.

anyway, i’ve loved baseball ever since that first game.  i’ve been to probably 100 of them over the last 26 years.  of course it’s not the same as it was, it’s been way over americanized. and $11 for a bud light?  really?  gross.  i wouldn’t pay $11 for a 12-pack of bud light.  the peanuts are still good though.  and the smells haven’t really changed.  and that sound of the bat cracking when it hits the ball.  totally amazing.


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