ebullient edwin

i’ll never forget the day that call came.  i was so excited to see margaret’s name light up my phone.   i had just seen her at the end of september.  rich and i had taken a 17-day road trip.  after we got to margaret and dave’s apartment in the north cack, we drove up to martinsville to have dinner at her parents’ house.  it is one of my favorite pasttimes–dinner at the penn house.  mulberry road.  always so much laughter.

the excitement in my voice answering the phone was met with a hysterical margaret.  edwin, her brother, had died.  he had been in an accident.

we had just been there 6 weeks ago, sitting around the table laughing hysterically.  edwin had a hilarious way about him, but he was also very kind and thoughtful.  he was just real.

i met edwin when he was 16.  he was 25 when he died.  he had grown into a handsome young man with a brilliant warm smile and blue eyes radiating peace and trust.  that night before we sat down for dinner he recalled helping margaret and me move up to maryland from elon after we graduated.  he was driving the uhaul–he’d even helped load up our stuff with margaret’s dad.  margaret drove too fast and almost lost him in the rain.  apparently he was so angry, he almost just drove our stuff to martinsville.

it’s been 3 years.  i miss him and his being.  i’m grateful to have had him in my life, to have shared laughs with him and hugs.  all the penns really.  they are like no other.

here are some photos from dinner that night.


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