regretting the afternoon cappuccino

last night i had an unintentional late night power nap.  i woke up at 11:30 and found it impossible to fall asleep until sometime after 2:30.  it could have been 4.  i was struggling all morning even after a private pilates session with mandy.  i mentioned to julia how tired i was feeling and she offered to pick up a cappucino for me while she was out to pick up her lunch.

i pulled out my lunch, brown rice with carrots and broccoli and had a few bites sometime after 1.  5 minutes later julia left for the bathroom.  when she returned i was already feeling better, more awake.  still, the thought of my pillow was appealing, but i felt much more energized.  but turning down a cappuccino is like turning down a chocolate chip cookie.

i of course finished it and then felt sick.  i don’t know if eating brown rice is the only solution whenever i haven’t gotten enough sleep, but i do know a cappuccino is not.


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