doing the happy dance

what a fabulous week and it’s only tuesday!  (if you’re having a bad week, don’t worry…when things are bad it only means it will get better.)  monday morning started with a walk to work in my new purple boots and  a private pilates session with mandy. today new clothes i ordered recently arrived.   i unloaded old clothes and shoes with julia after work (finally, after 3 weeks of planning to do the drop) , most of which i never wore (or wore only a couple of times).  my roommate went out for the night which means i won’t have to listen to the today show tomorrow morning before work.  and!  i have peace and quiet this evening.  tomorrow my copy of feng shui made easy, revised edition, will be delivered to my mailbox.  (it was released today.)  thursday william is giving me a macrobiotic consultation, so watch out world.  i am going to be amazing in 120 days.   and i have no idea what the rest of the week brings.  but!  next week i’m babysitting my friend’s 5-year old nephew in harlem.   joyous.  and perhaps a long overdue phone call with my lovely friend jeremy.


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