miso happy

i had my first successful attempt at real miso soup.  i suppose it depends on how you measure success.  i did start and finish.  and i loved every minute of it.  i knew it would be a challenge when i couldn’t find what i wanted at the store and  the miso and the scallions didn’t cooperate being scanned.  but no problem, i was excited about the adventure….nothing to lose.

that being said, i am working in an ill-equipped kitchen.  wrong knife, plastic ladle, 24″ counterspace, small cutting board…the list of challenges goes on.  but it’s exciting, because if i can do it here, i can do it anywhere.  adversity at the nexus of the center of the universe.  i can’t wait for the next apartment and having things i need again.

all the challenge aside, it is a good starting spot.  i needed to start, and that’s part of what made the process so beautiful. the path is here, i just have to follow it.

i used shitake, carrot because there was no daikon, (friday after work is not the time to shop for fresh veggies), bok choy, onion, and scallions.  plus tofu, red miso, kombu, wakame.

the one thing this apartment has going for it is a gas stove, but that’s not hard to find in ny.

so much multi-tasking, i totally forgot to cook the rice.  there’s plenty of soup left, so tomorrow there will be rice.  i need a pressure cooker.  i want flame.

i need more protein.  the next experiment in this macrobiotic adventure will have tempeh.  i’ll remember the rice and leave enough time to take more images of the process.  it’s fun and i trust it.  part of this process is stocking the toolbox.  i’m stocking at 1st and 1st for now… i finally wrapped my head around yin and yang. (thank you, jessica.)  i thought it might not ever happen.  a bit of a predicament since it is everywhere and the most fundamental, axiomatic, intrinsic, indespensible part of life in the universe.  also the most organic.  maybe that is why it was soooo difficult for my western mind to grasp.  still have loads to learn and to change, but now everything is in reach.  clearly in reach.  i can make anything i want happen.  decisive empowerment.  rice or barley tea.  i choose rice because i want rice.  when we create balance inside our bodies with what we eat, we have ultimate control of our lives.  endless possibilities are attainable.  easily.  natural harmony and happiness.  life is powerful and a fortunate gift.  (thank you, william for teaching me)


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