the first year and a half of living here, you couldn’t have paid me to leave this magical island.  no doubt, i love ny.  even after bed bugs.  and a summer of dodging nukes.  and all the struggles that were presented from the beginning.  it was for sure the best of times and the absolute worst of times. maybe no one would have faulted me for packing up and moving out,  but i never considered it.

that being said, i have never in my life so desperately felt the need to escape to the desert or the woods.  i have donald judd envy.  101 spring street + marfa.  he so knew.  i am anxious to leave this concrete and commerce very soon…on the verge of a meltdown. i don’t want to move from here permanently.  just need a break from the 4/5 and 6 routine.  and the stench of urine and the guy who sticks his index finger up his right nostril.  i need to reconnect with the earth.  soil.  quiet.  i want to experience silence again.

i am grateful for this time i have now in this city.  i could list 100 things i love about manhattan. easy.   and it’s not all noise.  as i write, i am being serenaded by raindrops and an otherwise silent night.

after 9 months of moving every three months, i have landed in a reasonable apartment with roommates i like close to the river in one of the most quiet spots on the entire island.  i have an enjoyable career related full-time job with a steady livable paycheck for the first time since i graduated college.   i have gained so much insight, wisdom, and knowledge from an amazing educator.  for that i am most thankful. it is immeasurable.  front and the back.  1 grain 10,000 grains.  i have other amazing people in my life too, people who have been there from the beginning and those i have met along the way and those who i am just meeting.

so yay.  now i just need to get on a train and get out of here for a bit.  hiking.  spring.  may is my new favorite month.


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