bed bugs

the season is upon us.  i read last week a gym in manhattan had a report of them.  it was the first time in months i felt uncomfortable as i fell asleep in my bed.  i refuse to fear them.  to be fair, i’m better prepared now.  in the event they come in to my life this year, it won’t be as devastating financially.

i’ve noticed the blog post that gets the most hits is the one about bed bugs.  i’m curious if it’s people wondering what to do about them.

all i can say is, first throw out your bed.  if you have a wood bed frame, throw that out too.  and mark it so that some poor fool doesn’t pick it up and bring it into his home.  put anything washable in plastic bags and take it to the laundromat and tell them you have bed bugs so that you don’t infest the laundromat.  call an exterminator or your landlord.

after that, i don’t know what to tell you.  hopefully your exterminator isn’t a conman like ours was.  i lived out of plastic bags for 3 months.  i was good at it.  i had a bag for skirts, one for short sleeves, long sleeves, jeans and slacks…fortunately my winter clothes were already in plastic boxes.  i used a towel as a pillow for at least a month.  (probably unnecessary, but after all the money i’d spent on laundry and dry cleaning and everything else while i was temping, buying new pillows weren’t high on my list especially not knowing whether or not the bed bugs were lurking.)

good luck.  it turned out to be a fortunate blessing for me.  i wish the same for you.  it was truly the most dreadful experience.  ever.


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