magical wonderful ankle sprain

this ankle sprain is turning out to be a stunning magical experience.  it started the morning i needed to go to the ER.  after hopping down a flight of stairs and out my front door, i was able to flag down a cab immediately in front of my building in the middle of the block of a not busy street.  serious luck.  the ER was not busy, i was admitted right away.  (i broke my arm when i was 8 and had to wait hours)  the nurse, x-ray technician, and doctor were awesome.  it was the best experience i’ve ever had with medical professionals.

during a feng shui lecture given by my teacher the following evening, my friend did energy work that was totally amazing.  i felt all kinds of electricity moving in my foot.

a couple of days later i had to do a quick photoshoot at union square.  on my way down the steps outside my building, i lost my balance and had to sit to catch my fall.  a man who was right there walking by offered his shoulder to help me back up.  he even helped me down the last two steps.  all smiles and kindness.  the first cab i hailed was going to queens and not towards downtown, but offered to take me to the end of the block.  he ended up taking me to 61st and 2nd ave, no charge.  he was on his way to lunch.  when i got out of the second cab, a man asked if he could help me.  i asked him to shut the cab door.  photoshoot went well.  had to walk half a block to get to an ATM, and another half to catch a cab.  nice guy who was waiting first graciously gave me the first cab that came along.

the following morning, no luck catching a cab in the middle of my block.  a woman in her 70s asked me if i needed help.  i told her i needed to catch a cab.  she told me to wait there, she’d bring one to me.  she got halfway to the top of the block, hailed one and sent him down to me.  when i got out at 37th and 8th i took a break under some scaffolding.  it was drizzling a bit.  an older man with an afro and an umbrella offered me a piggy back ride.  he said “i broke my leg once, i feel you.  sure you don’t want a ride?  don’t get it wet, put a plastic bag over it.”  lol.  more kindness.  when i arrived a couple hours late to the qigong workshop, total strangers accommodated me.  a man got up to move so i could have his seat next to the door.  a woman came over and asked if i’d like a chair to elevate my leg.  then she asked if i’d like a blanket.  more kindness.

frankly, everyone i’ve encountered has been kind.  i couldn’t possibly be more fortunate.  oh, and i have good company while i’m laid up on the couch.


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