kindness from strangers – 1

walking (on crutches with a boot on my badly sprained ankle) up my block to catch a cab to the grocery store, i stop halfway to rest.  i hear sirens.  i get to the end of my block, cross the avenue to see two fire trucks blocking the southbound (direction i want to go in a cab) side of the road.  i see cabs are turning around, not passing.  i walk down a block where the traffic is one way going the direction i want to go.   i can feel my foot swelling.  a few light cycles pass.  all the cabs are full, strange for a sunny beautiful perfect spring day.  i cross the avenue again hoping to catch a cab going northbound.  i stand for what seems like a century on the corner of 81st and york.  tons of cabs pass, all full.  there’s no way i can walk all the way to 3rd avenue.  i wait.  and wait.  and wait.  finally, i flag one down.  from behind me a woman comes rushing.  “i was hoping you would get one soon,” she says sympathetically.  “let me get the door for you.”  amazing.  i thank her.  she makes sure i am securely inside, shuts the door, and tells me to feel better soon.


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