kindness from strangers – 2

i have to do a photoshoot for my boss at union square 3 days after my trip to the ER.  still uncomfortable and experiencing pain, i should cancel.  instead, i make my way down the marble stairs, hobble out to the street, and flag down a taxi.  he only stops because he sees my crutches.  he’s off duty.  i tell him i’m going to union square.  he says he’ll at least take me to the end of my block.  i get in, grateful.  he doesn’t stop at the end of the block.  he’s headed to queens for lunch.  he’s trying to find a good place for me to get out to catch another cab.  he takes me all the way to 60th and 2nd avenue.  never turns on the meter.  on purpose.  he is happy to help me.  amazing.  totally unexpected.  once in a lifetime free cab ride in ny.  i catch a second cab.  he pulls over on the corner of 17th and union sq. west.  i get out and settled on my crutches.  before i can turn to close the cab door, a man walking with a women stops and asks if he can help me.  he shuts the door for me and continues on his way.  beautiful.

at the shoot, both of the models are kind, accommodating, and warm.  one even shares her story of a broken foot and shows me her scars.  (she has metal plates from a softball injury.) after the shoot, i make my way to the ATM and then to catch a cab.  another person is waiting too and all the cabs are full.  he finally flags one down.  i think he is taking it as he opens the door, but he insists i get in.  lovely.


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