kindness from strangers – 3

then there was the time i was on my way to master li’s qigong workshop in midtown.  i had signed up for it back in march.  just 5 days after my fall from the ladder, my ankle was still wrapped in the bandage from the ER.  getting around wasn’t easy, and the pain and swelling was prominent.  a rainy day, i was hoping to catch a cab right outside my apartment.  no such luck.  after the second one passed, a kind woman in her 70s out for an early afternoon walk approached me and asked if she could help me.  “i need a cab,” i told her.  “wait here, i’ll bring one to you.”   she made it halfway up the street and flagged one down sending him my way.  when i got out near the corner of 37th and 8th, i took cover under some scaffolding.  a man with a lightly salted afro offered me a piggy back ride.  he broke his leg once and understood the challenge of navigating manhattan on crutches.  in the rain.

after the workshop i stopped at whole foods hoping to sign up to have groceries delivered.  i almost got mowed down three times by people in a hurry not paying attention.  columbus circle is the grand central of whole foods and should be avoided even without handicap.  the guy who helped me was sweet and helpful and compassionate.  he even let me cut in line.  didn’t get the grocery delivery set up…apparently there is only one person who works there who can make a photocopy of a driver’s license and credit card.  i  made it out without getting knocked down though. and i  got to see the tulips in the circle and had beautiful ride through central park.


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