fascinatingly bizarre how many people are deeply and emotionally invested in the casey anthony saga.  only reading articles and listening to most of the closing statements, it wasn’t shocking the verdict came back not guilty.  the prosecution only proved that casey anthony is a sociopathological liar and the anthony family is dysfunctional.  all the lies she told and unconventional behavior for a mother who’d lost a child (like pretending like she wasn’t missing until her mother confronted her 31 days later) pointed to her being guilty.  there just wasn’t any concrete bullet proof evidence.

i’m dying to know what really happened.  i mean, was she really driving around with her baby’s lifeless decomposing body in her trunk for several weeks?   did she know what she was doing, or was she just winging it?  did she move the body after she initially dumped it?  i’m super curious to know if zanny the nanny was xanax, must have been right?  the number of “imaginary friends” she had was staggering.  and i mean really, juliette lewis?  the problem with our legal system is that it isn’t illegal to be a pathological liar.  clearly, they could have convicted her of that.

somewhere in all the chatter, someone made the point that the prosecution should have waited to bring her to trial.  that nancy grace put the pressure on for the case to be brought to trial.  i don’t know if that is true, but i can see how waiting may have helped get a conviction.  there is no statute of limitations for murder.  they could’ve put the heat on her and smoked her out.  let her stumble and then catch her.    they may have gotten a confession.  who knows.

other people have pointed out that if casey had not been a “pretty white girl”, she’d be on her way to death row.  there may be some truth to that too;  but, the bottom line is that the prosecution didn’t have a strong solid case and the defense created enough reasonable doubt.

but what’s next?  how does the anthony family pick up the pieces and move on?  the whole thing is so devastating and heartbreaking.   the vicious and hateful comments are ridiculous.   we are all one here on this planet, and we’re in it together.   the number of people spewing hate is disenchanting.  and really, justice was served when the state of florida prosecuted the case.  if there is any miscarriage of justice it’s that they tried a murder case before they had solid evidence to convict.

clearly, casey anthony needs help.  she has a tough road ahead in her young life.  she may have to change her name and her appearance.  and where will she go?  she’s been in jail for 3 years.  she has no friends.  no job.  will she be making money from interviews?  will her family take her back?  will they forgive her?

one thing is certain, everything is as it should be.








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