10 things

10 things i learned after severely spraining my ankle:

10.  i can hop on one foot down 1 flight of stairs to flag down a cab to get to the emergency room.

9.  hopping on one foot with a pint glass 3/4 full of water without spilling can be done gracefully.

8.  it would be much different had i moved to ny with just what i could carry.

7.  navigating manhattan (including public transport) on crutches is possible.

6.   three months of sleeping on the couch isn’t so bad.

5.  friends are there no matter where i go.

4.  no need to stress.

3.  the healing process (whether emotional, psychological, spiritual, and/or physical) is amazing and challenging, it requires patience.

2.  i have to ask for help sometimes.

1.  kind and compassionate people are everywhere in manhattan.


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