10 more things i learned about new york

10.  MTA bus drivers have the most patience of anyone on the island

9.  tourists aren’t horrible people, they just aren’t paying attention.

8.  everyone delivers. but at whole foods, there’s only one person who can make a photocopy of your driver’s license and credit card before anything can be delivered.  sign up before you injure yourself.

7.  cabbies are awesome.  some of them will ask you if you need help, but others just get out to help you.  and then there’s the great conversation.  all of these things above and beyond the job description.

6.  after a 3 month break and still crippled, rush hour is no good.

5.  kind, thoughtful, compassionate new yorkers are everywhere.

4.  mid-july heat reminds me of texas.

3.  finding a cab when barack obama is in town is close to impossible.

2.  moving is best in the spring and the fall.

1.   great place to learn how to walk again.  wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  #UESi<3U #yorkvilleisagoodspot


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