big round open eyes

i love it when my soul is tickled.  like when the acupuncturist tickles the needles before she walks out of the room.  each one has a different sensation, the same sensation as when she placed it.  some bring pain, some just have presence of being.

there’s something about observing other people learning something new that tickles my soul.  i get the same warm feeling of happiness in observing a 6-year-old discover something new and beautiful as i do observing a 62-year-old learning something new. to share that with them is special.  (especially with my nephew who has the biggest roundest eyes and longest eye lashes…his sense of wonderment is priceless). even observing my self learning tickles me, but it’s special to share it with someone whether you are the one learning or it is he who is learning.   it’s quite amazing. different experiences for sure between a child and adult, but the expression is similar.  it’s the awe.  witnessing awe.   it’s awesome.  delightful.  refreshing, moving…lovely.  special.


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