ah, new york.

i’m having one of those days:  NY is teaching me a lesson in dealing with chaos with grace and resilience.  it started last night when i arrived at LGA.  stepped into cab.  cabbie, “where are you going?”  “bushwick,” i told him, happy to be back in new york.  he winced as if i’d asked him if i could stay for free at his overcrowded house for a month.  “you don’t want to go to bushwick,” i said offering compassion.  “no, but i have to, and i just got to work, and….” he muttered like i was putting him out. he steps out of cab to see about switching me out with someone else, which would be fine with me.  he comes back with a disappointed look on his face.  off we go.  a minute and a half later he asks if i know how to get to bushwick.  really?  then he stops on the side of the highway next to an exit ramp.  i pull up a map on my phone and show him where we’re going.  there’s traffic, he’s driving slower than i’d like with no cars in front of us.

on the way home i receive a text from one of the friends i’m staying with in bushwick.  they’ve had a leak in their kitchen.  the super is coming tomorrow, and i am going to have to “disappear” while he’s there.  he thought i was only staying until the end of august and does not want me to be there now.  i was only planning to stay another week and a half, which was perfectly fine with my friends and what we’d arranged.

i arrive back at the apartment.  cabbie thanks me for the GPS, he thought it was useful.  i thank him for the ride and tell him to have a good night.  i get upstairs to see a bucketful of black water that must have come from under the kitchen sink.  i suddenly wish i were in the country again where the air and water are clean.

i wake up this morning and make my exit half an hour before the super is supposed to show up.  i think i pass him sitting on the front steps.  seems like my cover has been blown.  arrive at the coffee shop, which apparently not only doesn’t open at 9, but still isn’t open at 9:30.  i walk around the corner to another coffee shop, which actually, i like better than the one i’ve been many times before.  but my ATM card declines.  i’m on the phone with my bank while another guy is using the ATM.  Good news, it’s the ATM that’s not working, not the debit card i activated yesterday.  i walk back around the block towards the other coffee shop to get money.  will it just be one of those days, i wonder.

the super showed up at the apartment at 9 am.  his fix is only temporary, so he’s been coming back and forth in between trips to the hardware store.  i forgot my phone charger, phone is now dead.  and my glasses, which will make attending tonight’s event interesting.  it’s now 2:30 with no word on when i’ll be able to safely re-enter the apartment.  i have a conference call in an hour and a half that i’d rather not try to reschedule at the last minute.  but i’m not stressed out, because sometimes this is just how things go here.  i walk over to the hostel next store.  success. i can do my conference call there.  hopefully it will be quiet enough and not distracting.  one problem solved.

oh, an it looks like rain.  i haven’t yet replaced my wellies and my half-broken umbrella is back at the apartment.

more crucial, the living situation is up next, perhaps the most common and perpetual theme of my NY experience.  i’m not worried.  things always work out.  no point in stressing.  meanwhile, my college roommate, whom i haven’t seen in 2 years, is coming tomorrow for the weekend.  i have multiple trips to make to my storage unit so i can travel more lightly, and my last physical therapy appointment.  i guess if i just keep it all in perspective, it could be an entertaining week/weekend.


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