occupy your kitchen

surprisingly only a few (<50) people showed up for the millions against monsanto rally at foley square in ny yesterday.  i would have thought there would be more people concerned with genetically modified food.  especially with it being world food day and that the occupations have gone global.  monsanto is quite awful really, but what’s worse is that GMOs aren’t labeled.  so for those who would like not to have food that has been genetically modified, it becomes more difficult to avoid.  the scariest part is that the food engineers don’t even know the impact of their modifications.  it’s like a frankenstein project.  we do know that the food we eat impacts our own DNA.  logically, by eating food that has altered DNA, the impact it has on our bodies will be different than natural food that humans have been consuming for thousands of years.  but they don’t even know what that will be, nor are they concerned.  they are concerned with selling as much of it as possible.

if you don’t know how awful monsanto is, you only have to look back about 100 years. monsanto was given birth by a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry.  the money came from a soft drink distributor, and the name from his father-in-law, a financier of a sugar company.  first product:  saccharin, an artificial sweetener  with no food energy. then came all the other chemicals that have wreaked havoc on humans and the whole planet.  other monsanto products include:  DDT, 2,4,5-T, agent orange, aspartame, bovine growth hormone, PCBs.  they also operated sites for the development of nuclear weapons.

i guess my point is that monsanto has no interest in improving life.  actually it seems they have no respect for life whatsoever.  their products and interests only destroy life, so why would anyone want to buy food that they’ve modified?  or at the very least, why would it not be required for them to label their products?  oh, right.  lobbyists.  while in 2011 monsanto has only spent $3 million lobbying, between 2008-2010 they spent over $25 million.  (2008:  $8.83 million, 2009:  $8.69 million, 2010:  8.03 million)

obama actually promised on the campaign trail in 2007 that he’d make sure GMOs were labeled.  that hasn’t happened yet.  it seems our only recourse is to sign petitions. that and vote with our purchases.  know from where your food is coming.  it’s not enough anymore to say buy organic, buy local.  just because something isn’t labeled organic, doesn’t mean that pesticides and fertilizers weren’t used.  likewise, just because it’s local, doesn’t mean it’s organic or natural.  knowing the farmer and the farm not only bring a sense of community, but it brings you closer to what you’re putting in your body.  it makes you more free.  free to choose.  you are what you eat afterall, being enslaved by food is quite tragic and quite common.

as bob klein said yesterday, it’s time to occupy your kitchen.


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