giving thanks

top ten things for which i feel gratitude this thanksgiving

10.  spending thanksgiving in the pennsylvania woods with beautiful friends.  lake.    fireplace.   screened porch.  double oven.  danish modern furniture.   tons of food.

9.  an apartment and  roommates (who aren’t crazy, irresponsible, depressed, nor hateful) set up for january when i return to NY.

8.  new clients + new job + plus volunteering at the best bookstore in manhattan.  hello stability, it’s been awhile.

7.  supportive family, loving friends, and wise teachers.

6.  chivalrous quirky intelligent handsome men.  (chivalry is not dead)

5.  a well healed ankle after several months of hard work + dr. brunetti and his staff, especially roland, joel, and adrian.

4.   the most snuggly adaptable striped cat ever.  oliver.

3.  good health and the knowledge to heal.

2.  the occupy wall street movement.

1.  magical goodness that comes into my life unexpectedly.


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