false tweets

this story about the high school girl who tweeted that she made comments to the governor of kansas (and that he “blowsalot”) reminds me of a note i dropped in the band hall in junior high.

my bff wrote me the note during her math class.  in it she wrote that my band teacher, an eccentric but sort of mean woman, had just walked by her classroom and looked like “a big fat pig.”  the note fell out of my bag  while i was in 3rd period, and the band teacher of all people is the one who found it.  the funny thing is that the band teacher never even walked by her classroom, my bff just made it up.

my bff wasn’t mean or nasty.  we spent most of our time being goofballs and giggling.  she definitely never thought the band teacher, who was mean and nasty, would see what she had called her.

while the band teacher  frequently badmouthed the teacher she replaced and was also mean to students, mostly i  remember her eccentric choice of wardrobe.  the patterns and prints she wore were loud and texas.  cowboys and cacti.  bolos.

one time her husband was walking around the band hall while we played, probably scouting for his band at the high school.  he was wearing this iridescent cream colored jacket that had something written on the back.  i couldn’t tell what it said because the letters were in maroon and outlined in black.  should have been a dead give away since the high school colors where maroon and white.  so while his wife was working with the saxophones or clarinets, i was looking at the back of his jacket.  i missed her cue when she asked the whole band to play.   i realized it and joined late.

she stopped the whole band.  “why didn’t you start playing when i asked everyone to play, emily?”

“i didn’t hear you.”

“why didn’t you hear me?”

blank stare.

“you didn’t hear me because you were looking at my husband,” she declared.

the whole band errupted, “woot woooooot!”

total mortification.  this was a time when luke perry and jason priestly were hot, not her husband who was a balding man in his 40s.  if only i had had a twitter account then.


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