cooking in a little domed house

yesterday we drove north on a state highway to a little domed house near lake texoma for a cooking class.  along the way we passed strip mall after strip mall with all the fast food joints representing.  we finally reached the countryside, where some parcels of land were advertised for sale zoned for retail.  it’s hard to believe any retail is still needed with it being everywhere else.  once we got further out we saw longhorns, cows, horses, and hay bales.

we finally arrived at the little domed house.  margaret invited us in and let us take a look around.  none of us had ever been inside a little domed house.  even in a dome, the kitchen is the central room, the one people gravitate towards when they arrive.  we visited a little while and then she got started.

first she made us a lettuce leaf remedy drink to perk us up.  we all loved it.  then she got the brown rice going.  next  she started the gomashio, a condiment made from sea salt and roasted sesame seeds.  we each got to stir the salt and seeds in her suribachi.  it’s like a mortar and pestle, but the bowl has ridges that grinds the seeds.

next came the miso soup and cold pressed salad.  then chickpea soup and millet patties.  i can’t wait to make those.  she boiled some broccoli and last we made nori rolls.  sometime during the process we ate the miso soup.  at the end of the 3 hours, we had a cup of the chickpea soup and a beautiful colorful plate of food.  everything was so delicious, i can’t wait to get cooking.


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