happy cat

good thing oliver has thick skin.  first a 7-year old friend of my nephew said right in front of his striped whiskered face, “i don’t like cats.”  then my mom said, “i wish he were a dog.”  i know, some people just don’t like cats.  i think it’s because they haven’t known an awesome one like oliver.

i’ve written before about how oliver just trusts the process and is totally adaptable and resilient.  i recently took him on his first airplane trip, and he handled it like a champ.   the TSA people made me take him out of his carrier.  nobody was thrilled about that.  a TSA woman actually was afraid of him.  i thought he would scratch me and run off.  instead, he clung to me as a i carried him through the metal detector and went right back in as soon as the carrier came down the conveyor belt.   he was pretty quiet the whole flight, i think he even fell asleep.  no drugs.  he talked a little bit, especially while we were waiting at the gate and waiting to make it down the aisle to our seats.  if i were to do it again,  i would have chosen a seat somewhere other than right above the landing gear.  it was really loud, but he didn’t freak out.

he was one happy cat when we arrived at my mom’s house.  lots of new territory to explore.  my niece follows him all over the place.  instead of saying hello, she just asks, “where’s oliver?”  i am a little disappointed he enjoys drinking out of the toilet so much.  maybe that’s his way of trying to be more like a dog.   he’s definitely been loving watching squirrels and birds out the windows.






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