occupy big pharma

a few months ago i was at a speakeasy on 17th st between 5th and 6th.  there with friends,  only 2 of us women in the group didn’t work in pharmaceuticals.  one works in research, one in marketing, and the other as an executive’s assistant.

the first time i can remember being adamantly opposed to the pharmaceutical industry was in the 90s when kids everywhere were all of sudden ADD or ADHD and needed ritalin or aderol.   i just didn’t get it.  how could it be that this condition had become so common?  was it just an easy way out for parents?  were they looking at diet?

i have friends who dated men who were taking anti-depressants.  one friend told me how numb her boyfriend had become after starting the meds.  he wasn’t depressed, but he wasn’t happy or excited or inquisitive either.   he was just there taking up space.  one of the problems of being medicated, you’re no longer free but dependent on a pill every day.  and for what?  aren’t there other options for treating depression?

in conversations with my grandfather before he died a few years ago, he’d tell me how there were more pharm reps than patients in the dr.’s office while he waited for his appointment.  i found it disgusting.  was there any integrity left in the medical profession?  at this point i’d met people who were pharm reps, and i knew that making money was their primary motivation.

then recently my mom went to have her bone density checked.  the pharm rep was there making his drop off of crappy flair with his drug’s logo all over it and samples of course, which the dr. totally tried to push on her.   ironically, i had just discovered a book written by anne marie colbin that discusses diet and bone health.   i’m glad my mom opted against the drugs.

amazing how food and diet keeps us healthy or makes us sick.  how it can cure us or make us worse.  or is it?  it’s more like what we could expect from being on this planet.   how much more freeing it is to pay attention to what’s happening in our bodies and nourish it with food instead of pollute it with chemicals or food that doesn’t help our condition.

i’m thankful there are people who formerly worked for big pharma who are now crusading against it.  here’s an excerpt from gwen olsen’s book confessions of an RX drug pusher.  and a video with her story.


2 thoughts on “occupy big pharma

  1. Read “Unhinged” by Daniel Carlat. It’s a Harvard trained psychiatrist’s take on the corruption that exists between big pharma, the FDA, and the APA. He talks a lot about drug reps and the doctors who are paid for their endorsements. In my opinion it’s the most glaring example of corporate manipulation that exists, but no one seems to pay attention to it. I would occupy big pharma in a heartbeat.

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